Google Made a Major Change Affecting Google Search Engine Results

Google search results
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While we were at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Google installed a major global change to its Adwords program and Google Search Results.   Until February 26, 2016, Google displayed Pay Per Click ads at the top and at the right under a Google map display.  NOW, Google will show 4 ads at the top of the page and 3 ads at the bottom of the page below the organic listings and NO ads in the right hand column.  This is affecting the SERP for any given keyword.   SERPs stands for:  Search Engine Results Page.

What is the effect of the Google change to display 4 ads at the top?

This change will push the Google 3 pack Google local listings down the page and the organic listings even farther down the page “below the fold.”  In some instances, there will be no paid ads at the top because Google has pushed the ads to the bottom.

How does this affect your dental marketing?

Google search results for your dental keywords will affect where your dental practice listing appears.   To the right, you will see the new Google SERP for the keyword phrase “Chicago Dentist”.  The organic listings have been pushed below the fold under the Google Adwords listings and the Google local listings.  I suggest you invest in a Google Adwords campaign to improve your listing in the Google Search Results.   It is the fastest and most cost effect way to get you to the top of the Google Search Results Page.

Sharon Kantor Bogetz has created Google Adwords campaigns that have resulted in first page placement for Cutting Edge Practice clients.   Call Sharon at (847) 370-9131 or email her to move your practice to the top of the Google Search Results page!

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