Dental Marketing to Generation X

dental marketing for Gen X

Members of Generation X include consumers between 35 – 54 years of age.  According to Yahoo, “79% of Gen Xers are smartphone users and that is expected to grow to reach 88% by 2018.”  Yahoo also reported that “80 million Gen Xers visited a social media site in January 2016.”

In a blog posted on the 21st July, 2015 by marketing zen, the author suggested that a company targeting Gen Xers should create an internet strategy that includes:

  • Using Email Communication to reach Gen X consumers
  • Appealing to the financial responsibility felt by Gen Xers
  • Using Videos to convey information
  • Appealing to Gen X values which include fitness and wellness, security, protection, making life easier and a focus on nostalgia.

How should you develop a dental marketing campaign strategy for Generation X?

  • Leverage your dental practice software to send email blasts to your patients.
  • Help patients understand that by restoring teeth when their carious lesion is in the earliest stages will save them time and money.
  • Use patient education software, digital x-rays and an intra-oral camera to help the patients understand the extent of their dental needs.
  • Help patients stay healthy by keeping their hygiene appointments, offering adults fluoride treatments and selling them electric toothbrushes or waterpik devices.
  • Create a Youtube channel and post videos on your channel.  There are a variety of dental companies that offer videos their clients can post.  For example, Invisalign offers video clips that clients can post on their websites or on their Youtube channels.
  • Keep your social media up to date.   Try to post a blog and Facebook entry once a week to keep your website fresh and your Facebook active.

If you need help developing your dental marketing strategy, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz at 847-370-9131.  She has more than 14 years of dental marketing experience on-line and in print.



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